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Where do you start?

What can you expect?

Your first visit with Peet Homes will start with your home design and layout. We'll discuss your needs, your budget, the design, the location and so on. If you already have plans or just a sketch or some pictures, bring them - that will help. If you have selected or purchased a lot, bring the dimensions or a plot plan if one is available.

Next we'll begin to narrow down potential home plans, options and features that you would like. Our goal is to begin arriving at an estimated overall cost. Then we can begin talking about financing options that are available.

Eventually you will be able to select the right plan (even though some modifications may be necessary), your option list and the location to put it on. Once that is complete and a final price is arrived at, a construction contract is drawn up spelling everything out. At that point, you can make an application for your financing. Once you have been pre-approved for financing, the actual construction can begin.

- Complete Turnkey...
Peet Homes is one of the few builders that can offer you a complete turnkey home with construction financing*.
- select your lot
- choose your plan
- make your selections
- we build it
- we finance the construction*
- you close when it's done

*(note: off-site construction may not qualify)

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