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Thought you'd live there forever.
But then life happens and things change.
Any of these sound familiar?

  • The kids have moved out, the family home is too big. It's time to downsize.
  • Or, maybe the family is growing. You need more space. It's time to upsize.
  • The job or a family situation has changed and takes you to a new location.
  • You're tired of climbing the stairs and want everything on one floor.
  • You've saved up. Time for your own place. A new home fits your plans.

You're exploring all your options.

Just don't have the room, or adding to your home may price you out of the neighborhood.
Buy an existing house?
Can't find a design you like, or found the right house but it needs more updating than you should spend.

It looks like moving into a newly built home makes sense.

  • Get just the layout that fits your lifestyle.
  • With all the latest energy and technology features.
  • Choose your colors, floor coverings, kitchen and bath designs.
  • As an investment, a newly built home will typically increase in value faster.
  • And your home's value will be comparable to the houses nearby.

Wherever you are in your new home journey, we'd like to get together and listen to your ideas. With over 40 years of building experience, and hundreds of satisfied home owners, we may have some ideas and suggestions to help move your project ahead.

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